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Recent Projects

Ongoing work since 2008.

  • Sulphur Volcano | Java - Indonesia

    Sulphur Volcano | Java - Indonesia

    To make a living, the miners risk their lives every day in a highly toxic sulphur mine at the Kawah Ijen volcano.

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  • Extraordinary Jobs

    Extraordinary Jobs

    This series shows extraordinary jobs around the world, which are falling into oblivion in our western society.

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  • Republic of India

    Republic of India

    People, culture, life and stories are documented while travelling through ancient, colorful India. The colors always have been part of the Indian consciousness and seem like out of a folk tale.

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  • Burma - Myanmar

    Burma - Myanmar

    "This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any place you know about", wrote Rudyard Kipling in 1889. How right he was: more than a century later Myanmar remains a world apart. A journey back in time.

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  • South Africa

    South Africa

    Beautiful South Africa Like You've Never Seen Before!

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Recent Blog Entries

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It's been a huge honour when COOPH asked me to do the Visual Q&A interview only with my images.

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Ein Mensch in...

Ein Mensch in...

Veröffentlichung im Terra Mater Magazin. Ab heute im Handel erhältlich!

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